Tumahu muscle and joint balm for dogs

Tumahu Dog Balm

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Tumahu, ( meaning to heal, recover) is a handcrafted natural dog balm, uniquely designed to help soothe sore muscles, joints, and ease the discomfort that comes with arthritis. Tumahu can be applied before and after exercise, or in the morning or at night.

Take a touch of balm and rub it in your hands, then gently massage it into the area where your dog is sore. Try to prevent your dog from licking the area for 10 minutes after application.

Due to essential oils being used, we at Paw Face do not recommend use on cats or pets with particularly sensitive skin. Ingredients are Beeswax, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Comfrey, Hypericum, Kumarahou, Arnica Infused Oil, Frankincense, Yarrow, Celery Seed, and Plai Essential Oils.

All of our ingredients have been carefully chosen for their muscle and joint soothing qualities and where possible, organically sourced to promote healing.