Takawai Balm for Cats

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Welcome to our Paru Paws range!

Handmade, natural pet balm designed to treat common skin disorders, soothe sensitive, dry and chapped skin. 

Our Takawai (to moisten) Balm for our Ngeru (Cat) has been specially crafted to help heal and moisturise dry, flaky and chapped skin; so great for paws, dry patches on elbows and noses. This balm has no essential oils added to it which is great for cats as they do not process essential oils very well. It absorbs easily into the skin, creating a protective barrier as the name suggests, Takawai helps to moisturise and protect the sensitive skin of cats. 

Our ingredients are: Hemp seed oil, Coconut oil, Kukui oil, Olive oil, Beeswax and Vitamin E. All ingredients have been carefully chosen for their healing, moisturising and skin repairing qualities. 

All our ingredients are natural, hand picked in some instances and organic where possible.