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Canine Massage Therapy

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Our Dog Massage is a holistic treatment that combines the massaging of soft tissue while incorporating remedial stretching techniques. It encourages the muscles' natural function, aids in restricted joint movement, and promotes healthy circulation.

Most dogs will benefit from a massage. There are a few exceptions relating to specific medical conditions and illnesses where a massage is not recommended. Here at Paw Face, we encourage you to consult your vet before your dog begins any new therapy.

Benefits of a Dog Massage include:

  • Improves structural balance and range of motion
  • Strengthens the muscles and tendons
  • Effective in assisting post-operative recovery
  • Helps dogs regain flexibility and ease of movement
  • Relaxing and helps reduce anxiety (Great for rescue dogs)
  • Improves your dog’s vitality and overall well-being
  • Promotes blood circulation for healthy muscles, bones, and joints

Our practitioners will initially discuss your dogs' current health & well-being. They will cover several important questions such as your dog’s history, diet, and medical concerns, both past, and present. We will then evaluate your dogs' muscle functions to identify any abnormalities by conducting a gait and a soft tissue analysis before starting. On completion of our session, we conduct another gait assessment so we can track your dog's progress.

The frequency of the sessions depends on each dog and their individual needs. For some, they may require reoccurring treatment due to their current lifestyle or health. For others, this may be a way to pamper your dog to help boost vitality. We do recommend the sessions are carried out in the comfort of your home, as this tends to be where your dog is most comfortable.

Yes, we come to you! In-home consultation locations include Opua, Paihia, Haruru, Kawakawa, Kerikeri and Waipapa. If you are outside of these areas, please call us as we do travel frequently

Please Note: Canine Massage is a complementary therapy. It is not a cure or a suitable substitute for required veterinary care.