Here is what some of our clients have to say.....

Oh Hey, My names Souljah and I’m almost 11 years old!! I’m a “Good boy” and Bex from Pawface is one of my favourite people.

18 months ago I was really sore and seizing up a bit as I suffer from arthritis. Then my mum found BEX! I started to get a weekly massage and have not missed a week in almost 18 months. Bex even comes out to my “holiday resort” (Kennels) and keeps up with my massage when my mum is away.

Apparently we have a “New Dog” in the house, I can’t find this “New Dog” and it’s a bit confusing but I think mum means ME. I can run around SO MUCH BETTER than before and I can go up my stairs without any help.

I am so happy mum found Bex and her talented healing hands. I would recommend getting YOUR “Good Boy” a weekly massage too. It’s my favourite blissful hour of the week. ……

Signed  Souljah Dog.

Meet Boston, Dallas, Nevada and Dakoda 

I heard about Pawface after my Staffordshire, Boston, fractured his elbow and also had issues with his cruciate ligament. I was very impressed with our first session, with Rebecca just having a natural way with him and he settled quickly and just loved his massage.

Rebecca explained all her findings from where he was muscle were sore and tight, any heat, knots, or spasms then would show me little things I could do at home to help him with his recovery.

She also did kinesiology taping on Boston which I thought was a real game changer as it really got the heat and swelling under control. I noticed the difference straight away.

I was so impressed I have now used Rebecca for many of my own dogs and rescues, with reasons ranging from just a relaxing massage, loosening tight muscles, alleviating muscle spasms and aiding in the recovery of injuries.

I would definitely recommend Pawface and have been very grateful for all her help over the last few years


 Our beautiful girl xx

Bex from Pawface started working with our beautiful staffy, Duchess in 2017. Duchess was suffering from arthritis and cruciate damage on one of her rear legs. We were advised by our veterinarian cruciate repair surgery wasn’t a good option as Duchess was riddled with arthritis. Duchess was then put on Tramadol medication. Not long after this prognosis I heard of a business focusing on therapeutic massage and Reiki on any of our furry companions. I thought it was worth a try to prolong the inevitable and keep our beautiful companion as comfortable as possible.

Rebecca (Pawface) very quickly became a weekly fixture in our home, offering Duchess better quality and longevity of life through massage, companionship and genuine interaction.  Although Rebecca has trained in Canine Myofunctional Therapy, I feel some things cannot be taught. Rebecca has a gift and can connect with our canine companions on a level I have not seen before. Every week when Rebecca arrived Duchess would be so excited and would position herself ready for her massage. The look on Duchess’ face told the story along with seeing the benefits of massage. Duchess began to move more freely along with her medication being halved. At times, she acted like a dog half her age.

Duchess regressed very quickly at the end and Rebecca was on board to practice Reiki on her. Although I do not understand Reiki, I do feel Duchess was accepting at the end thanks to Rebecca’s genuine, experienced, empathetic, trained and loving nature. She gave our girl the best exit and will be forever grateful. Duchess sadly left us in July 2018 surrounded by love. 

I am forever thankful we found Pawface. We continue to use her services on our new canine, Skipper, who is now two years old.