Our Vibe

"My Sunshine doesn't come from the skies; it comes from the love in my pet's eyes".

Going back to natural ways in treating ourselves has become more common place now. So, it is only natural that we are now looking towards less invasive and damaging services and products that can help with healing our animals mind body and spirit. With all the toxins, pollutants and rubbish that is now in our taiao (Earth), finding a more natural approach to how we live our lives is becoming more widespread and accepted; and this we see filters down to our animals as well. Paw Face came about as there was a need for our pets to be able access services and products that promote their health and well-being.

Paw Face currently offers holistic therapies such as canine massage, animal reiki, and animal homeopathy which helps to promote our animal’s bodies into self-healing and restoring their vital force into a state of balance. Alongside of veterinary care, these therapies are a great addition to the wellness routine of our pets. They can also be used as preventative care as well, even for healthy animals.

Our product range stems from extensive research as well as looking back to what our those before us use to use to treat and heal ailments. We are so lucky to live in NZ; a place where our ngahere (forest) is full of amazing medicines that can help treat common conditions we see in our animals today. The products at Paw Face have been developed to help nourish, protect and repair our pets mind, body and spirit the natural way.

We here at Paw Face are on a journey to provide our animals what they need using less-invasive, more natural and holistic sources that promote a better sense of well-being and balance. We are also on a journey of discovering what our ancestors from Aotearoa and the Pacific knew about our taiao to help heal not only our pets but ourselves as well. So Nau Mai, Haere Mai whanau both human and furman.