kawakawa neem oil dog soap bar

Kawakawa & Neem Dog Soap Bar

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Our Kawakawa and Neem Oil soap is designed to help soothe our dogs' sensitive skin during and after their wash. We have chosen ingredients for their natural healing qualities and flea and bug-repelling attributes to produce a quality soap for our dogs' skin and coat health.

Our soap's main ingredients are Neem Oil and our very own NZ Native Kawakawa. Neem Oil helps ease itches and scratches and is a known natural flea repellent. Kawakawa is excellent for wound care, it helps soothe irritations and assists in reinvigorating the skin moisture and also is traditionally used as an insect repellent. To boost the functionality of our soap, we included Niaouli, Lemon-scented Tea Tree, and Manuka essential oils for their natural healing and soothing attributes.

All of our ingredients have been chosen for their unique qualities and where possible, organically sourced leaving our pets refreshingly clean and naturally boosting their overall skin and coat health.