Honey and Colloidal oats dog soap

Honey & Colloidal Oats Pet Soap Bar

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Our Honey & Colloidal Oats soap is especially suited for young puppies, pets that have particularly sensitive skin, or in the pre/post-pregnancy stages, and 'YES' it's perfect for cats too!

We know our cats and other particularly sensitive pets do not respond well to Essentials Oils and the list of safe oils for cats is so small. Our team at Paw Face kept the ingredients naturally Purfect by not including any essential oils to suit our pets' unique needs.

Our soap's main ingredients are Coconut Milk, Honey, and Colloidal Oats. Coconut Milk is excellent for all skin types, known to be used as a natural moisturizer that contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities. Honey is an anti-bacterial disinfectant, just one of nature's gifts for treating sensitive skin irritations that can lead to obsessive scratching. Colloidal Oatmeal is perfect in preventing infection. It stimulates the healing of damaged skin by creating a barrier, helping to lock in moisture and protecting it from irritants.

All of our ingredients have been chosen for their natural attributes and where possible,  organically sourced.