Why hire a qualified canine massage practitioner?

Can't I just massage my own dog? 

We hear this a lot from people that don't see the benefit or reason behind hiring someone to 'massage' their dog. People often feel what they are giving their dog; in the way of a pat or a massage; is the same as what hiring someone with experience in canine myofunctional therapy.

Giving your dog regular, relaxing and gentle massage is a valuable and important method. It can help you to further connect with your dog and to understand what is 'normal' for them. It is also a wonderful technique to use for helping to deepen the bond between you and your fur friend. 

I am a massive advocate of people using massage techniques to help them better understand their dog on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 

Nevertheless, it's a great question!

So when should you hire in the big guns….someone like me?

You may have had a partner, friend or even your child rub your neck or shoulders when you are feeling a bit tight and sore - it can feel great and may help you feel relaxed and not so sore after. 

You may have been to a qualified massage therapist, either due to injury, mobility issues, stress or even just for the sake of having one – when it's from a professional it feels a lot different.

If you've experienced a professional massage yourself, you'll know first hand that you can come away feeling a lot better than you would have had a partner or friend given you the massage. It may have also made you feel lighter and your "problems" feeling alleviated. 

All these amazing benefits we as humans get to experience from having a massage given by a qualified practitioner are the same for our dogs. They have muscles, tendons and also experience tight and sore muscles very much the same as we do. So even though you may feel giving your dog a massage is benefiting them (which it is), having a massage from a qualified professional will provide extra support for your dog to help alleviate some of the common issues dogs commonly suffer from, especially the oldies.

So how does Dog Massage work?

Canine massage is a holistic therapeutic treatment that integrates specialised remedial massage of the soft tissues and stretching techniques. Massage encourages proper muscle function, aids restricted joint movement by addressing muscular dysfunction, helps treat common musculoskeletal problems and some health conditions. It may also be used to help calm a nervous or hyperactive dog 

Qualified canine massage therapists are able to assess and alleviate many of these problems. Many dogs can benefit from massage but much like humans all dogs are different and should be treated as individuals. If your dog is recovering from injury, surgery, age-related issues, is a rescue dog or new puppy and you are looking to understand your dog on a deeper level, then booking them in for a massage session could be what you and your canine companion might be looking for. 

The team @ Paw Face x 


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