what is Reiki ?

Reiki is a hands-on healing method that originated in Japan. The practitioner channels healing energy through her hands to the animal through a light touch either directly on the body or from a distance. The word Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a Japanese composite word usually translated as “universal life energy”. It is based on the idea that all living beings have life energy flowing through them. When life energy is high, your pets are healthy and balanced, more relaxed and less likely to get sick. When it is low, they’ll often be more easily affected by stress and less resistant to illness. Reiki is a safe complement to conventional Western medicine, Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy and all other forms of healing.
During a Reiki session, animals often experience a deep state of peace as the Reiki clears imbalances, allowing for new and harmonious patterns of health and wellness to emerge. Physical contact is not a requirement for Reiki and traditionally the practitioner offers Reiki to the animal hands off. This way, the animal controls the treatment, either accepting Reiki from a distance or settling themselves against the practitioner’s hands.

benefits of Reiki

  • Addresses any issues at any level: physical, emotional and spiritual
  • Promotes relaxation and stress relief
  • Complements both conventional and alternative healing methods
  • Speeds up healing after surgery or illness, and relieves pain
  • Promotes energetic harmony and well-being
  • Improves behaviour problems and heals anxiety-related problems

Reiki can also help…

Often animals will not allow themselves to transition because they intuitively feel that their owner is not ready to let them go. Doing a Reiki treatment can help both owner and pet through this difficult time by enhancing the bond and allowing a gentle and peaceful transition.

Reiki sessions occur in your home, as its where your pet is the most comfortable. Reiki sessions for pets typically last 20-40 minutes. The frequency of the sessions depends entirely on each individual animal’s health status and needs. Some health issues can be resolved in four or six sessions, others may take ongoing sessions on a recurring basis.

An initial Reiki session involves getting to know your animal so we can gain a better understanding of your animal’s background and history. What you would like to achieve with a Reiki treatment will also be discussed. It will be at this point where I will start the Reiki treatment which can last anywhere from 20 – 30 minutes depending on your animal and how much healing they need on the day. Most animals relax very quickly once the Reiki energy begins to flow. Many animals will ‘twitch’ whilst receiving Reiki. These twitches are completely normal and nothing to be concerned about. Usually seen in the legs, the twitches are little bursts of kinetic energy that physically ‘jog’ the body as the Reiki energy releases blockages and negative vibrations from within the animal’s energy body. Crystals and pendulums may also be used as well.

Initial consultations can take up to 60 minutes and follow-up consultation take between 20-40 minutes.

Reiki is not a substitute for proper veterinary care. Although Reiki is a non-invasive, complimentary therapy, it is not a solution or a cure.